Ruffled Feathers and Spilled Milk

Farming with ducks and dairy goats, chickens and children.

“My goat is down and he can’t get up”….and other interesting excuses.

“Hi, um, I won’t be there for Girl Scout cookie pick-up.  My goat is down and he can’t get up.  I’ll call you later.”
If you know me, then you’ve heard these sort of excuses.
You may even have been talking to me on the phone when I screamed “Big, get the hoe!” and then clicked off.  [...]

The Nativity

Of course, I had to pause for a moment.  I am tucking in the animals on a winter’s evening.  The water is turned off to keep the hoses from freezing.  The chicken coops are shut and locked.  A peek at the ducks and a visit to the goats to ensure all [...]

Goats in the Toolbox

It isn’t hard to convert a duck barn into something more useful.  My husband and I looked it over and decided that with a bit of tweaking the barn would hold our expanding goat population quite nicely.  Out with the nest boxes, some side boards over the wire, a couple new doors, raise [...]

The Weaker Sex

So, I arrived last night at my friend’s farm to milk and guess what I
found?  8 happy males loose in the all-female (obviously) milking herd.  Turns out
the little stinkers (and I do mean stinkers—they like to wear their
own urine as cologne) broke the bottom hinge on their gate.  The small
Nigerian males slipped right through, leaving [...]

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