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Scary Stuff.

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This is as far as the Halloween decorations made it this year. The back porch.

I did keep the seasonal candy jar full because…well, because candy.

Luckily, there was plenty of spooky decor around the house and yard without me having to do much work. The spiders have done a great job of being festive. So I left their work intact on the front porch to greet guests. Very creepy! (Take that, Hobby Lobby.)

This spider gets bonus points for adding fall leaves to her display.

There’s a delicate and diaphanous web in the bathroom.

And a black-hued web in the kitchen window. I don’t know why it’s black. Probably says bad things about the air quality in the kitchen. Extra scary.

The neighborhood gopher has created lots of ominous (and ankle-twisting) grave mounds in the backyard.

The garden loves Halloween. From the decaying echinacea heads…

To the bizarre fluff of the clematis…

And the alien pods of the imaptiens.

I did do some decorating. Look at this dreadful stack on the kitchen table.

That’s a box of 150 bulbs that I ordered in the spring. Which seems like a great idea in March. And is ghastly when it arrives in the fall and has to actually be planted.

Then there’s the laptop that someone needs to attach to the printer in order to make it print (the wireless feature on longer works). That same someone is gonna have to find a compatible driver, download it, and make it all work together. Shudder.

Scariest of all is the thick green folder. That’s the FAFSA folder. FAFSA opened on October 1st and needs to be completed for all 4 children. Horrifying.

I did a get a little help getting into the Halloween spirit. I did my nails at a friend’s house and later discovered I had shellacked a black cat hair into my nail polish.

Thanks, Chubby!

Best of all, several friends went with me to the annual Pumpkin Bridge.

by Brent Clark Photography

Where we walked across the bridge during a lightning storm. Night of frights.

I asked the kids if they missed having the house decorated for Halloween.

“No”, said Little. “You can just really do it special for Christmas.”



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