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Too Late.

Posted on | April 9, 2013 | 4 Comments

With spring cleaning in full swing, I decided it was time to gather up loose ends.  Literally, loose ends.

We have leashes and lead lines….

ropes and cords….

halters and tethers….

all over the house and farm.

‘Cause you never know when you might need one to cross tie a naughty pony….

or snag a dog about to chase a chicken….

or keep pigs in their pen in the garden.

But I figured it was time to take stock.  To organize.  To sort things out.

So I picked through bins.  Gathered from shelves.  Checked in all the Rubbermaid tubs.

And came to a screeching halt at the buckets.

Because it was too late.  She was already there.  With her stolen guinea feathers and scavenged Bruno fur.

Yep.  The little mad wren.  And even though I didn’t see her this time, we’ve met before.  Pretty much every summer, as a matter of fact.  In the most inconvenient places.

This year’s location nixed my plan to gather the leashes and lead lines and extra lengths of rope.  No chance of collecting it all to arrange and organize.

Guess the early bird gets the bucket.

Which means I’ll just have to settle for sorting through the twine from the hay rolls.  I’ve been meaning to try some variation of this neat idea:

Except using an old 5 gallon milk jar I have and the twine I’ve collected by the feed cans.

Oh, for Pete’s sake.

Really?  Really?!

I get no respect around here.  No respect at all.


4 Responses to “Too Late.”

  1. Practical Parsimony
    April 9th, 2013 @ 11:46 pm

    Nice pictures of the birds’ nests. I guess they feel safe with you.

  2. Carolina Jessamine
    April 10th, 2013 @ 5:10 am

    At my house, those bossy little wrens always brighten my day. Always such a nuisance, and such a hoot!

  3. Jill
    April 10th, 2013 @ 5:18 am


  4. Lisa D
    April 11th, 2013 @ 12:30 pm

    Oh yes. At our house they like the dryer vent and the newly purchased hanging flowers that I have to stop watering! Last year it took them 7 minutes from hanging to nest building! I swear they are stalking me.

    At least you got to put off a few chores!

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