Ruffled Feathers and Spilled Milk

Farming with ducks and dairy goats, chickens and children.

Moving Day

I can only guess what other people do on Saturdays. If you live in a suburb, you probably sit by your kitchen window, sipping coffee, and watching what your neighbors are up to.  As in, wonder if Rob-next-door will take out that huge pile of trash in the garage or spend the day washing his […]

In Memory of Hannah Nov 1997-Feb 2010

There isn’t much that stops me in my tracks.  I have too many things on my to-do list and too many mouths begging for food, attention, and more TV time.  So, when a dog gets old, I just start feeding her in the house, let her sleep upstairs away from the kids and daily commotion, […]

City Limits

“That’s cool.” Yeah, I know it is.  It is a dog shelter built from a broken 8X8 kennel, an eight foot pallet, a four foot pallet, two new roof panels, two old roof panel scraps (not coordinated), some plastic sheeting attached with wire, and everything else held together with baling twine.  Very cool.  It even […]

A Tale of Two Roosters

What a drag.  Sometime while we were running our errands, our rooster, Snowman,  ventured over the six foot privacy fence and into the backyard with the dogs.  Suffice to say he never made it out again.  When I first saw the feathers scattered over the playground, I assumed it was another crazy hen who had […]

Never Work with Dogs or Children

I’ll leave out the part about getting everyone into the car.  Honestly, I cannot even remember that part.  I must have blacked out.  But I do remember crossing the parking lot.  Fear has lodged it into my memory.  I am not sure if it was the terrifying sight of Little being dragged in front of […]

End of Grade Test

Word Problem. (Involves Reading Comprehension, Critical Thinking, Environmental Studies, Social Situations, and Mathematical Analysis) You own a small free range duck farm. You have not completed permanent housing for the flock.  Breeding and hatching season has arrived. Resolve the following scenarios: 1.  5 ducklings hatched out in an incubator. YOU are their mother. Ducklings cannot […]

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