Ruffled Feathers and Spilled Milk

Farming with ducks and dairy goats, chickens and children.

Scary Stuff.

This is as far as the Halloween decorations made it this year. The back porch. I did keep the seasonal candy jar full because…well, because candy. Luckily, there was plenty of spooky decor around the house and yard without me having to do much work. The spiders have done a great job of being festive. […]

Buddha Moon.

Astrology is not my specialty. Sure, I set intention candles every equinox and solstice. When the seasons change it seems like an ideal time to reflect and readjust. Of course, every time I consider the 3 things I want to release and the 3 things I want to focus on, it turns out to be […]

Death and Sh*t.

Where were you? Yeah. Me, too. So we’ll just have to be old friends. You know–the ones you don’t see for several years and then, when you finally run into each other at CVS buying rapid COVID tests, it’s like you were just hanging out yesterday. Sure, there’s a lot to catch up on. But […]

I Trust Us.

I got my first dose of vaccine today. Not just because I believe in science. Not just because I am desperate for hope. Not just because every sniffle or headache or sore throat sends me running for a piece of chocolate. You know, to ensure my sense of smell and taste is intact. (And you […]

Pandemic Prep.

I suppose I was better prepared than the rest of you. Not because I had a pantry full of food or a gas mask. Just because I spent the last 2 years eating change for breakfast and drama for lunch. Whiskey for dinner as needed. I’ve had some kids move out and some kids move […]

This Is Me.

If you know any gardeners then you know that their gardens tend to resemble them. That person with a clean car, an integrated Google calendar, and a Dave Ramsey budget has a garden with perfect borders, straight rows, and neat plant markers. The person who pulls an outfit from the pile of clean laundry on […]

Muuuuvin’ On.

So where was I? I have no idea so let’s just start where we’re at, shall we? I haven’t posted in so long that the formatting on WordPress has changed. Which should make this post very interesting. If you consider lots of random spacing and a variety of photo placements to be interesting. Turns out […]

Active Shooter.

Active shooter days are hard for me.  I know they’re hard for everybody.  I know that a lot of people take comfort in that saying from Mister Rogers: The problem is that I am one of the helpers.  And here’s the cold hard truth, America: the helpers aren’t going to make it in time.  Between […]


This is National Novel Writing Month which means I pledged to write every single day this month.  It also means I am doing everything except rewriting the 198 pages of the novel.  Not editing, rewriting.  Because I decided it was way too descriptive and I also wanted to change it up to start each chapter […]

A Day In San Francisco.

We beat the traffic in San Francisco and parked at Union Square. Even the homeless people were still asleep and none of the shops on the square were open.   So we made our way to Mr Holme’s Bakehouse and by the time we had navigated our first San Francisco “hills,” we were ready for specialty […]

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