Ruffled Feathers and Spilled Milk

Farming with ducks and dairy goats, chickens and children.

The 3 Day Weekend (AKA Can I go Back to Work, Please?)

I was anxiously awaiting last weekend.  After much planning and preparing, Friday was the day I had planned to move transplants to the garden.  Usually I carry plants that I’ve started from seed down to the garden in the wheelbarrow.  Some plants come by way of my car after they’ve been purchased at the local […]

Make Mine Mint.

Once upon a time, I tried companion planting to get rid of squash bugs.  In between my cucumbers and zucchinis and melons, I planted lots of marigolds, nasturtium, and herbs.  The bugs ate the marigolds and the nasturtiums as soon as they killed off the cucumbers, zucchinis, and melons.  Then the mint ran all over […]


We don’t all get an easy start in life.  Take little Tina.  My friend’s Toggenburg goat had a difficult delivery.  Her feet weren’t in the right position for birth and it took a lot of wrangling to free her.  And when Tina was finally born, her front legs were weak and all crumpled up. My […]

Speaking of birds…

…there has been a lot of activity in all the bird species around here. This is the second year that we’ve had Eastern Bluebirds visiting our property.  They are prolific in our region but we never managed to draw them to our property.  Until this: On the street that backs up to our property, someone […]

The Boys Are Back In Town.

We spotted the first ruby-throated hummingbird on Sunday.  I immediately rushed to find my single remaining hummingbird feeder from last year.  Because everyone knows that hummingbirds send out scouts and if they don’t find your feeder out they’ll go somewhere else for the season.  “Everyone” being a woman I overheard at church.  In any case, […]

The Best Laid Plans.

Just what I (never) expected.  I couldn’t help but notice there was a disparity between the tomato transplants in the greenhouse.  The seedlings transplanted into straw bales had the benefit of the decomposing straw to warm their roots, provide nutrients, and provide consistent moisture.  The seedlings transplanted into plastic pots just had potting soil and […]

Not So Spring Break.

The natives are restless.  Officially they are on spring break.  But it is not exactly the laying-on-the-beach, pier fishing, and soft ice cream cone break they were dreaming of.  Not even close. The Other Half, my father, and Middle have been determinedly working to complete the water line trench to the garden.

Stumblin’ Pig

There is a bar in a neighboring town called the Stumblin’ Pig.  I always assumed the name referred to drunken bikers.  After all, they serve alcohol and there is usually a line of Harleys parked in front.  Which just goes to show what I know.  Because a stumblin’ pig is not a drunken biker.  Not […]

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