Ruffled Feathers and Spilled Milk

Farming with ducks and dairy goats, chickens and children.

Devil Spawn.

We’ve all been very worried about Tina. She is due to kid the first week of May.  And as that date approaches, she spends more time down on her knees. I assume it’s the extra weight of her kids and her udder.  Also, the production of relaxin loosening her intrauterine ligaments, stimulating mammary development, and […]

Spring Garden Primer.

1. Soil is everything. Well, soil is everything until the squash bugs arrive.  Then killing squash bugs is everything. Regardless, your plants need some decent soil in order to get established during the dry spells, flooding, heat waves, and cold snaps of spring.  For us that means a trip to the chicken pasture where the […]

Just Rewards.

Got the barn chores done and the milk strained, the eggs into cartons,

Look Quick!

As of right now.  This very minute.  All the hoses and automatic waterers are fixed. No leaks at the hydrant. Or in the hose.

Completely Compatible.

I’m used to wearing a lot of hats around here.  On any given day I’m the mom, the cook, the landscaper, the farmer, the construction worker, the plumber, the veterinarian, the housekeeper, the seamstress, and the accounts payable office.  I have barn clothes, business suits, work uniforms, and church dresses in my closet.  But this […]

Too Late.

With spring cleaning in full swing, I decided it was time to gather up loose ends.  Literally, loose ends. We have leashes and lead lines….

It’s Coming.

Since we live in the woods, spring takes a little longer to arrive.  Our daffodils and tulips are a bit behind everyone else’s.  Our azaleas are just starting to bloom long after other people’s bushes are overcome with blossoms.  And although the grass flourishes in the full sun of the garden, by the house we […]

That’s What Friends Are For.

Well, it was an insufferable beginning to the week. There were broken gates to fix.  The hose in the barn had progressed from having a leak to having a waterspout that sprayed you as you went about the chores. Julia developed a massive blocked salivary gland.  Which scared the crap out of me, thinking it […]

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