Ruffled Feathers and Spilled Milk

Farming with ducks and dairy goats, chickens and children.

Ready, Set, Mix.

There is something special about preparing the farm for the approach of a winter storm.  Well, OK, here we actually call it a “wintry mix.”  To differentiate it from those of you that have real winter storms.  We may not get 21 inches of snow or wind chill causing negative temperatures (84 degrees below zero, […]

Chicken Run.

As everyone knows, a new year calls for a new plan.  Last year’s plan was to make the guineas pay for farm expenses around here.  After all, back in 2011 the guineas were so ridiculously prolific, without any assistance from us, that we had to give some of them away to keep the squawking down to […]


Our usual white-breasted nuthatch was here today, climbing up and down the trees. Plus, the brown headed nuthatch pair was back today. And they brought a friend, another bird we’ve never seen here before—a red-breasted nuthatch.  From this angle you can see his red tummy. From this angle, you can see his 2 black stripes—one […]

Special Guest Stars.

For the past couple weeks, we had some special guest stars at Woodland Pond.  My friend was out of town and her goats, Tulip and Vanilla, stayed at our place.

Lived In.

In the process of taking down the Christmas tree and attempting to sweep and vacuum pine needles from every conceivable area in the dining room (In the curtains?  Really, how did they get in the folds of the curtains?), I made an alarming discovery.  The wood floor in the dining room had finally been compromised.  […]

My New Year Is Better Than Your New Year.

I haven’t checked my horoscope for 2013.  But I’m guessing that I’m in for a good year.  Because last night The Other Half and I celebrated our anniversary.  We were celebrating a day early, since we were actually married on New Year’s Day.  Which was poor planning on our part.  Note to all marriage planners […]

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