Ruffled Feathers and Spilled Milk

Farming with ducks and dairy goats, chickens and children.

Not So Spring Break.

The natives are restless.  Officially they are on spring break.  But it is not exactly the laying-on-the-beach, pier fishing, and soft ice cream cone break they were dreaming of.  Not even close. The Other Half, my father, and Middle have been determinedly working to complete the water line trench to the garden.

The Summer Solstice.

You won’t look back and laugh at everything.  Which is why you haven’t heard about how we lost Applejacks and Ray-Ray last summer.  There wasn’t anything funny about how we found Applejacks lying still in the woods.  Or how we held Ray-Ray through the night and hoped that at least he would survive the colic […]

A Farm Girl.

Some people are born to farm.  Some people are born on a farm.  Every once in a while, the stars line up, the Fates smile down, God snaps His fingers, and a child who is born to farm is born on a farm.  And you get this: Pretty

To be continued…..

You’ve heard the news.  Owning animals is proven to extend your life.  Researchers speculate about oxytocin and cortisol interactions, companionship, and responsibility.  Which just means they’re missing the big picture.  Obviously, people live longer because they are determined to live to see the day that the dog doesn’t manage to get into the trash can […]

Cute is Overrated.

I canceled the spring farm tour.  Not because I wanted to cancel it.  I know opening the farm for tours is a great way to make friends out of the neighbors and win new customers.  But the animals won’t cooperate.  Everyone wants to see cute cuddly chicks and cute fluffy ducklings and cute playful goat […]

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