Ruffled Feathers and Spilled Milk

Farming with ducks and dairy goats, chickens and children.


Have you heard about this?  Trigger warnings are all the rage.  Or not. Apparently, trigger etiquette is up for grabs.  I used to find the whole concept very confusing.  After all, my life might be interesting enough for an occasional blog post, but not interesting enough to result in trauma.  Or at least not the […]


Despite being the smaller and skinnier German Shepherd, Luna is the fierce one. Don’t be fooled. She stands on the front door, nails scrabbling madly on the window sill, barking at new arrivals.  Which serves in place of a doorbell for us.  She cannot be trusted around small livestock—she salivates through the fence at goat […]

Old Friend.

This is how it happens.  Every year.  I watch the weather reports, I pay attention to the chill as soon as the sun slips below the horizon, I note the heavy dew in the mornings.  But the first frost is not as predictable as the forecasters like to believe.  I planned for Sunday night.  Just like the meteorologist […]

A Good Day.

There are days when it all seems worth it.  Days when the hard work starts to pay off.  Days when it all goes as planned.  Those days are good days. On a cool sunny afternoon this week, the pigs were loaded up and taken to market.  We’ve butchered our pigs ourselves in the past.   But […]

Truth in Tomatoes.

The various tomato seeds I bought in February in a fit of winter doldrums (well played, seed catalog, well played) have shown themselves.  This summer the tomatoes exploded and, in an amazing triumph, the plant labels were still intact.  So I actually knew which variety was which and how it performed.  Oh, there were struggles […]

Winner! Winner! Peppers for Dinner!

The peppers were getting out of hand.  We had to switch from roasting them over the burner to putting entire cookie sheets of peppers under the broiler. After they were scorched on top, we sealed them up in the tin foil and let them steam for 10-15 minutes until we could easily peel off the […]

Peppers for Dummies.

The peppers got a new raised bed this year and it didn’t go well.  About 1/3 of the bell pepper plants got green and glossy and then wilted. Generally, wilted peppers are a sign of fungal disease.  But since my peppers started out as lush plants, I suspected excessive nitrogen.  The raised bed was layers […]

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