Ruffled Feathers and Spilled Milk

Farming with ducks and dairy goats, chickens and children.

Happy Birthday, America. The Home Stretch.

We had only 4 days left and, for the first time, the kids started asking when we were getting home.  Oh, it wasn’t all love and endearments until that time.  Some of them desperately needed some alone time.  And took drastic measures to get it.

Happy Birthday, America. The Wild West

We drove through Grand Teton National Park as we headed through Wyoming.  We didn’t stop as I figured I couldn’t summon any more enthusiasm from the kids for hikes and waterfalls and mountains for a few more days.  It was odd how quickly we developed nature fatigue—-one week we were ooohing and ahhhing over the […]

Happy Birthday, America. Bear Territory.

We stopped at Mount St Helens visitor center on Spirit Lake Highway on our way out of Washington state. The video and the interactive displays had lots of information on the eruption. The pictures of the volcano before and after its eruption in 1980 were startling but the damage was easy enough to see with […]

Happy Birthday, America. The Other Side.

We spent the night in Cut Bank, Montana, in the Glacier Gateway Inn and we felt the chill of changing elevation.  Oh, sure, we shivered a bit in the Windy City—the sidewalks of Michigan Ave can be heavily shaded by the towering buildings and serve as a perfect wind tunnel for lake breezes.  But this […]

Happy Birthday, America. Following the Buffalo.

The next morning I left my family sleeping and ate breakfast at the State Game Lodge, where President Calvin Coolidge and his family spent their summer in 1927.

Happy Birthday, America. This Is What We Came For.

If there’s one piece of advice that I can give you about visiting the National Parks, it is this: Do NOT start with the Badlands.

Happy Birthday, America. In The Middle.

We woke up in Dubuque, Iowa and hit the Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium for the day.

Happy Birthday, America. Going Back.

I went to college in northern Indiana and Chicago, Illinois so I knew when the land started getting flat that we were getting close.

Happy Birthday, America. Revelation.

Our first stop in Louisville was Churchill Downs.  Now we are not actually fancy enough people to be fans of horse racing.  As a matter of fact, before the trip I tried to get the kids interested in the Kentucky Derby to no avail.  I talked about elaborate hats and famous horses and Middle just […]

Happy Birthday, America. In The Beginning.

Yeah, I know.  I was here and then I wasn’t and you probably thought I gave up the garden and the barn and bought a townhome with a pool and an HOA that handles the lawncare.  Don’t think I didn’t consider it after the fiasco that was this year’s sheep shearing.  Otherwise known as Fleece-Mutilation-and-Samantha’s-Big-Escape. […]

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