Ruffled Feathers and Spilled Milk

Farming with ducks and dairy goats, chickens and children.

Who needs Six Flags?

Apparently people pay a lot of money for ups and downs.  I mean, a lot of money.  Like $25 a ticket to ride the roller coaster again and again.  And again. I can imagine what that roller coaster feels like.  I can almost hear the click-clack-clicking of the coaster inching up the track when one […]

When Bad Chores Happen To Good Farmers.

Not every day around here involves newborn goat kids or picking the first sweet snap peas off the trellis.  Sometimes we are following a trail of blood drops into the barn to discover a goat with her eyelid split open. Or applying butt salve to the rear end of the guardian dog after he broke […]

The Farm Abhors a Vacuum (But the Ducks Love a Mud Puddle).

Ah, don’t you love a day off.  I didn’t have anything planned for today except for 2 cups of coffee and a morning news show.  Yes, I had to make some cheese.  And finish emptying the boys’ bedroom in preparation for work on the house addition.  At some point, the broken microwave had to be […]

The Secret.

The milk fridge is full.  And the girls keep right on givin’.  Which is because, unlike a lot of farms, we have some goats who kid in the spring and some that kid in the fall.  So we have sweet, fresh milk even through the dark winter months when a lot of herds are dried […]

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